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How to get Your Reading

 How to get Your Reading
          Readings are  done by email  and  Video and text   920) 212-1605

1st --Send payment to 
         After I receive payment I will send you a confirmation 
         please allow 1-2 days.
            Check your spam folder if you do not see a confirmation.

2nd --Pick your reading

A--  Complete name reading $17.97
            I will need your Full name nowMaiden name any Nicknames 
            and your Parents names.  

B--  Compatibility name reading  $77.97
            Between 2 names --Full birth names and nicknames

C--  First name only $17.97
           First name and Maiden and Nickname do not include your parent's names.
           A slim down version of Complete name reading. 

          Disclaimer- You must be this person or the parent by using this service
           you are responsible for any and all liabilities.

Prices are limited timed
* I do brief first name only free readings on my YouTube channel search for yours @

Information Needed

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